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Web Hosting India

For those of you who are still new to web hosting, we will make it really simple and quick for you to fully comprehend the concept. We are all pretty much aware as to what an important role a website plays in establishing one’s business identity online.

Also, it helps various people every day with relevant informative contents as in blogs. However, it is important to understand that a website needs storage or space for storing its data and this is where we need hosting.

What is Web Hosting in India?

Hence, buying a hosting plan for a website is actually buying a server’s space for storing one’s website’s data. Apart from that, a hosting provides one with all the essential technologies and services that are needed for a better performance of one’s website. As a matter of fact, there are various aspects of a website that one needs to take well care of.

However, the hosting services may differ in case of different web hosts in terms of features and pricing. This is where it actually gets a bit tricky and one may need to do some good research to find the most suitable hosting plan for running one’s website. Nevertheless, we will share some of the best web hosts to keep things extremely simple for you.

Types of Web Hosting in India

Before one actually starts looking for an appropriate hosting plan for one’s website, it is absolutely important for one to first understand the various types of web hosting else chances are that one will end up choosing a terribly wrong plan for one’s website and end up being really frustrated with the results.

Here’s a real quick introduction to the 4 most important types of web hosting:

Shared Hosting: In a Shared Hosting, a large number of websites are actually running on the same server. However, the performance level may fluctuate from time to time.

VPS Hosting: In this type of hosting, things are a lot stable than in a Shared Hosting with every user getting an equal share of RAM and CPU.

Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated hosting is basically running a single website on a server. It allows the user to run multiple applications and customize the configuration to a large extent. However, it is a bit complex and is only good for those users who have a pretty decent sense of server management.

Cloud Hosting: Even though Cloud Hosting is pretty similar to VPS Hosting, it is by far powerful than a VPS hosting since it uses the resources from multiple servers. Also, it offers high scalability of server resources.

5 Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Web Hosting India

Choosing the best web hosting in India is not as easy as it seems to be. However, it is again not impossible to choose the right hosting for one’s website provided that you bear the 5 important factors in your mind at the time of making a choice.

So, without much ado, let’s get straight to the 5 important points.

Good Uptime: A consistently good uptime helps a website in gaining an excellent online reputation. Even though a lot of the hosting companies claim to offer 99.9% uptime, only a few actually do it in real which is why it is always wise to give it a try first before you actually start using it for your live site.

Speed: Every single effort you put into your website will simply go in vain if your website is struggling with its speed. The visitors don’t like waiting for too long for a website to load. Also, it is not a healthy thing for a website from the SEO point of view. Hence, look for a hosting that offers an ultra-fast page loading.

Customer Support: The best web hosting companies of the world certainly have the best Customer Support and this clearly reflects the importance of Customer Support in web hosting. It is important to look for a hosting company that offers a reliable Customer Support which is extremely easy to reach out and of course, which is extremely proficient and friendly in handling the users’ queries and issues.

Easy Payment Options: It is important to make sure that one chooses a hosting company that offers great transparency in terms of pricing with no hidden charges or higher renew charge. Apart from this, it is always wise to look for a hosting company that offers easy payment options that you are pretty familiar with. Trying to make payments using modes that are beyond your comprehension is like putting your money at risk.

Data Center Locations Close to India: For Indian users who intend to run their online businesses or blogs with their target audience in India itself, it is always wise to look for a web hosting company in India that offers the closest data center. This will help you offer the best experience to your audience in terms of loading time.

Best Web Hosting India 2019


There are many reasons as to why we have put SiteGround on the first position of our top 10 web hosting India List. SiteGround hosting certainly has got the right mix of advanced features for any type of website. It is absolutely easy to install a website on SiteGround and it’s probably a matter of a couple of minutes.

Apart from that, it offers excellent page loading speed with the help of its SuperCacher, solid-state drives and advanced technologies such as NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN.

You can also check FastComet VPS Hosting India Plans and enjoy faster servers.

Also, it offers auto updates wherein the users can rest assured that their website is always running on the latest version of WordPress or Joomla.

Also, it offers free Let’s Encrypt Certificate with every hosting plan. Furthermore, it offers brilliant server security with over 800 of its own firewall security rules.

2.A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting may not be as old as SiteGround or HostGator but it definitely has been able to prove its excellence in the Best web hosting India over the years in terms of its features. Setting up your website with A2 Hosting is ridiculously simple.

The Effective Web hosting plan for this why we came up this post with help you to some of best options for a Cheap Web Hosting in India.

Besides, the hosting company has been emphasizing on offering an excellent page loading speed ever since it started as it totally believes in the significance of page loading speed in SEO.

A user can actually opt for up to 20X faster servers with A2 Hosting. Besides, it offers free account migration, free SSL certificates, and free SSH. Most importantly, the host offers 99.9% uptime as well as “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” and this pretty much reflects its commitment towards its users.


FastComet is another brilliant Web Hosting India Company that has created a huge difference over the years by its amazing service. In fact, it has the right packages for every category of a website with extremely powerful features. Installing a website with FastComet isn’t difficult at all.

Apart from that, one gets a free Domain forever, a free Cloudflare CDN and a free Let’s Encrypt SSL with every FastComet hosting plan. Besides, it is unimaginably easy to manage the hosting account using the FastComet cPanel.

FastComet also offers for Best Java Hosting in India customers at a nominal price.

Also, it offers free backups to save your web data on a daily and a weekly basis. Most importantly, users can buy and renew FastComet hosting plans at the same price.

This has helped it to attain a very reliable position over the years. On top of that, it has a brilliant Customer Support which is one of those few fastest hosting Support of the world nowadays. Also, the Support team is pretty knowledgeable and friendly.


For those of you who are looking for a technologically advanced Best Web hosting India, Cloudways is certainly the ultimate hosting Company to go with as it offers a perfect blend of features for a powerful web hosting in terms of performance, security, support, control and more. Since it is based on SSD Drives, it offers a 3X faster page loading speed.

Also, the caches including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis, PHP 7.x ready Servers and HTTP/2 Supported Servers help you experience a dedicated hosting environment with Cloudways.

Also, the server resources and hardware are monitored constantly by the experts to fix any issue in no time and the auto-healing is another brilliant feature that could help you fix most of the issues within the server by simply restarting the option.

Most importantly, it offers a very good support which is really easy to reach and of course, the support team is pretty professional.


For many of us who are looking for an affordable yet powerful hosting, there obviously can’t be any hosting Company better than InterServer. As a matter of fact, the hosting Company has the most dedicated hosting environment for its users at the most affordable price.

Though Interserver not having an India data center, I consider them as Best Web Hosting India due to the affordable pricing.

InterServer also offers one of the Best WordPress Hosting India powered by US datacenters.

Features wise, it has every important feature from Uptime Guarantee, Excellent 24X7 Support via phone, chat, and ticket, Free Website Migration, Easy to use Control Panel, Unlimited Storage Space, over 450 Cloud Applications and more.

Furthermore, the server is under constant monitoring of the InterServer team so that every single issue within the server is detected and resolved in the quickest possible time.


HostingRaja undoubtedly has the cheapest yet reliable website hosting in India. In fact, the Best web hosting India has largely proved it over the years by its persistently good service.

HostingRaja offers a wide range of web hosting plans for every type of users with the right mix of powerful features.

It is based on a Lite-Speed Web Server. The built-in anti-DDoS offers elevated levels of web security. Apart from that, it features such as cached optimized and PHP up to 3X faster than Apache that ensures a brilliant page loading speed and a high performance on a consistent basis. However, free SSL and free Domain are only provided with Premium and Unlimited Plans.


BigRock is another big name in the hosting services in India. Something that really helped this hosting company over the years in winning the users’ trust is its unbeatable simplicity and transparency in terms of features and pricing. Besides being affordable, the hosting services offered by this Company don’t have any hidden charges.

It offers options to transfer or register a domain, Email hosting with Anti-virus and anti-spam protection, constant server monitoring, Data protection and recovery, and of course, a high level of security. Also, it has a brilliant round the clock Support with a very decent knowledge of every single aspect of hosting and of course, it has the friendliest approach towards responding to the queries and the issues of the users.


GoDaddy is certainly a very popular name Best Web Hosting India when it comes to web hosting. Perhaps, it’s the excellent promotions of this Company that made it so popular among the people over the years and of course, it has largely been able to prove its potential as well. Even when someone with almost zero knowledge of web hosting plans to take one’s business online in India, GoDaddy is the first name that actually crosses one’s mind.

With GoDaddy, one can certainly find the cheapest yet reliable Best Web hosting in India and also, setting up a website is pretty easy with GoDaddy. Besides, it offers an option to choose the closest data centers for the most optimized results. Most importantly, it offers round the clock server monitoring, DDoS protection, brilliant 24X7 Customer Support and over 125 applications including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


Hostinger is among those few Best web hosting India companies that offer cheap hosting plans. However, it has powerful features for sure. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, weekly and daily backups, dedicated live Support, Fully Optimized WordPress hosting, SSD web hosting for ultimate speed and more.

The hosting Company has been able to catch the attention of the Indian users to a certain over the past couple of years and it certainly has the cheapest hosting services in India in terms of pricing. The Hostinger’s customer base in India is expected to increasingly expand in times to come.


HostGator is the first choice of many of the Indian users as they rely a lot on this hosting company since it is one of the oldest hosting companies. HostGator has a wide range of hosting plans which is why a user should easily find the most appropriate hosting plan in terms of both pricing and features.

Besides affordable prices and varied plans, the web host offers 99.9% Uptime, Full cPanel Support, 45 Day Refund Policy, Excellent Support, Indian Server Location and more.

We’re updating this Best Web Hosting India content periodically every 48 hours updating the latest info of hosting companies recommended above.

Concluding Best Web Hosting India 2019

I hope you enjoyed the post of Best Web Hosting and choose the Web hosting services for your websites.