Best WordPress Hosting India 2019 (Speed & Uptime)

The WordPress Hosting India has been a steady increase in the number of Best WordPress Hosting in India over the years and as a matter of fact, some of them have done extremely well too. This has eventually encouraged a lot of others to look forward to starting their own WordPress websites.

However, it gets a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the best WordPress sites and there are many companies available in the market and almost all of them seem to be equally promising.  

If you are new to websites and you don’t have the right guidance, chances are that you will end up choosing a terribly wrong plan. Hence, don’t take hasty decisions and wait until you are fully aware of every single aspect of it. In this post, we will enlighten you about 3 of the most reliable companies.

List of Best WordPress Hosting India in 2019

1.SiteGround – Best WordPress Hosting India 2019

With SiteGround you can certainly have the best solutions for WordPress in India. SiteGround offers a perfect blend of features In every category of websites.

Setting up a website is absolutely simple with SiteGround. Apart from this, it offers auto-updates, ultra-fast page loading, free SSL certificates, and excellent firewall protection.

Best WordPress Hosting India 2019 (Speed & Uptime) 1

Most importantly, SiteGround is among those few companies that offer the cheapest starter plans. One can start a WordPress with SiteGround for just $3.95/month that comprises 10GB, premium support, free daily backups and more.

In fact, SiteGround is one of those few companies that have been recommended by WordPress itself.

2.FastComet – Another Best VPS Hosting

FastComet is another pretty reliable name in the web services and also, it has maintained a brilliant track record so far. One of the greatest advantages that one can have out of buying a FastComet is the fact that one gets a free domain with it forever. Also, it offers users with the closest server and it certainly offers the FastComet to offers in WordPress.

You can also check FastComet India Plans and enjoy faster servers.

Best WordPress Hosting India 2019 (Speed & Uptime) 2

Most importantly, one can start a WordPress with FastComet’s StartSmart plan for just $2.95/month with no higher renew price in Very Cheap for the plan comprises 15GB SSD Space for running a single website.

With its recent Indian DC, I put them as the Best Web Hosting India company to get started.

Apart from this, it offers Super Fast Page Loading, excellent 24×7 Priority Support, Daily Backups, cPanel and more.

3.A2 Hosting

If you are looking for the Sites, you ought to try A2 Hosting’s Solution. A2 might be a comparatively new name and but it has largely proved its expertise in performing brilliantly over the years.

Best WordPress Hosting India 2019 (Speed & Uptime) 3

A2 offers you the cheapest plan to start at just Rs 268.83/month. Besides, WordPress is pre-installed at the user’s convenience. Its VPS offers a great space for optimization with its extremely powerful features such as speed up to 20X faster, 99.9% uptime with ultra-reliable servers and consistent security.

Since its India launch, the company actively participate in Black Friday Hosting Deals and offers regular discounts to Indian users.

Most importantly, it offers a brilliant page loading speed as well as security. Also, it offers free SSL certificates. On top of that, it provides you with the option to host your site close to your target audience using its Global Data Centers. Also, it offers free PHP7 and free HTTPS protection to create the perfect environment for Supports.

4.HostGator – India Datacenter VPS Hosting

HostGator is not only one of the oldest companies but also, it has been offering brilliant plans for all categories of websites over the years.

The HostGator is available in 4 plans with pretty powerful features such as free website migration, full root access to install custom software, and of course, the pre-installed cPanel to start a website in no time using any of your favorite CMS platforms.

Best WordPress Hosting India 2019 (Speed & Uptime) 4

On top of that, the near-instant provisioning is a very effective feature that ensures that your server is consistently up and running.

Apart from that, you can rest assured of an excellent page loading speed, consistent uptime, and security.

Most importantly, HostGator offers you a brilliant 24X7 support to help you with your every single query or technical difficulty.

Concluding Best WordPress Hosting India 2019

I hope you enjoyed the post of Best WordPress Hosting India support for the Web services for your websites.

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